About Us

Created in 2012, ONCOassist is the go-to app for many oncology professionals. It gives them comfort that they can access relevant, up to date tools and content at their fingertips. It is the only mobile first platform that saves time and improves the quality of patient care for frustrated and under pressure oncology HCP's.

With the advent of genomic sequencing, combined with an aging population, and new therapies. The decision making process for oncology HCP's is becoming increasingly complex. Unfortunately they have no easy access to the tools and information they need to make an informed decision quickly. This means they use multiple different software and tools to aid their decisions, many of which are not safe and validated. This wastes time & reduces the quality of patient care.

We focus on making ONCOassist easily accessible to all oncology HCP’s by being available across multiple devices(iOS, Android and Desktop) and ensuring safety through CE and FDA compliance.

Such is the need for ONCOassist our community of users are actively engaging with us to help define our future tools based on their burning needs. ONCOassist is improving the delivery of cancer care globally and helping us to reach our goal of leveling the standard of care worldwide.

ONCOASSIST is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom: UK00003276315, Ireland: 256660 and United States: 5,736,518.



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