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An electronic tool for frailty and fitness assessment in the immunotherapy era

Immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) may be offered to patients considered unfit for cytotoxic chemotherapy based on their different toxicity profile despite scarce evidence on efficacy and safety invulnerable and frail patients with cancer.

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Clinicians’ Role in the Adoption of an Oncology Decision Support App in Europe 

Despite the existence of adequate technological infrastructure and clearer policies, there are situations where users, mainly physicians, resist mobile health (mHealth) solutions. This is of particular concern, bearing in mind that several studies.

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Evaluation of a Dependability Mechanism for Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) are systems of collaborating computational entities. Concepts such as autonomous cars, smart electric grid, implanted medical devices and smart manufacturing are some practical examples of CPS.


Feasibility of Integrating a Mobile Decision-Support App into a Multicomponent CME Initiative

Mobile health (mHealth) technologies such as smartphone applications are increasingly being adopted in the healthcare setting to support the delivery of evidence-based care.

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‘Trust but verify’ – five approaches to ensure safe medical apps

Mobile health apps are health and wellness programs available on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In three systematic assessments published in BMC Medicine, Huckvale and colleagues demonstrate that widely available health apps

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ONCOassist app: what nurses need to know

A little over a decade ago, apps were at an embryonic stage. Few of us had them on our mobile phones and those who did used them mainly to play games.