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  • Dr. Bryan A. Chan
    “I love the comprehensive nature of the app – I don’t need to use multiple apps to stage then look for prognosis, discuss adjuvant benefits, calculate BSA, GFR, etc. It also has the CTCAE criteria to grade adverse effects built within it when seeing trial patients. The more you use it, the more you discover and realise how much is contained within it. The other great thing is that the developers are very keen to listen to feedback and I have seen many great changes implemented over the time I’ve been using it and providing feedback.”
    Dr. Bryan A. Chan
    Chief and Clinical Fellow, Medical Oncology - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Canada
  • Marcelo Corassa
    “Surprisingly useful. This app is really what was missing for oncologist with interest in technology. Normally I would use up to 3 ups for dealing with the needs of a patient, and now I can find everything in the app. It is important to mention how available the developers are. I hope to contribute to make this app even better. Definitely recommended.”
    Marcelo Corassa
    Medical Oncology Resident - A.C.Camargo Cancer Center
  •  Dr. Ronan Glynn
    “ONCOassist allows rapid access to a wide range of evidence-based tools which can inform both the clinician and the patient, and which have the ability to focus the consultation on the most pressing aspects of a patient’s treatment journey.  Importantly, at a time when clinicians are increasingly under time pressure, ONCOassist also facilitates easy, rapid access to commonly used clinical algorithms and calculators, thereby promoting both efficient and safe clinical practice, and it seems inevitable that it will increasingly be adopted by busy trainees, both within and outwith oncology.”
    Dr. Ronan Glynn
    ENT Specialist Registrar - Ireland



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