Frequently Asked Questions

When I tap on ONCOassist on my home screen it wont start.

If this keeps happening after 3 or 4 attempts follow the below steps: 1. Delete ONCOassist from your phone. 2. Redownload ONCOassist from the appstore. 3. Sign in using the username and password you used when you first signed up.* *Please note that if you cant remember your password use the reset functionality in the sign in page.

There is a new tool or feature I would like added. Who do I contact?

We are always keen on hearing feedback from our user base. You can email us at any time at to suggest improvements.

I am unsure how to use one of your tools, who should I ask?

You can look in our instructions for use document to see how a tool works. You should also look at our info section to find out more about each of the tools. Look for the “i” on the tool page on the top right hand corner. You can also email us 

How is ONCOassist funded?

We offer industry a number of different solutions to help them make their content available to oncology healthcare professionals. This includes product services such as patient support programmes, medical science liaison and toxicity management guidelines. We integrate this content into ONCOassist in a way that benefits both parties. Please note that these services are currently only available in a number of countries, they may not be available in your country. If you have any further questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us at

Where can I find out more regarding how each of the tools is validated.

You should look at our info section to find out more about each of the tools. Look for the “i” in the tool page on top right hand corner. This will include references.

I am having a technical issue with ONCOassist. Who can I speak to?

Email us at any time at or call + 353 21 731 9541.

Are you finding issues with inputting numbers to any of our calculators?

If so, email us at any time at